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We are one of the fishing reel manufacturers and exporters in Korea and are specialized in the low-profile baitcast reels.
All of our reels are being provided to Bass Pro Shops in USA.

Our motto is "Best Engineering, Extreme Performance" and "Quality First" is the basic value that we pursue as a

We have developed our own braking systems that are all patented to give more convenience to each valued angler when
fishing with our reels - Externally adjustable centrifugal braking system and Externally adjustable DUAL
(magnetic + centrifugal) braking system.

In the future to come, we make sure that we will not stop continuing to concentrate our all energies on creating more
advanced and innovative mechanisms and designs that can provide more convenience and comfort to our customers and
trying our best to find out the points that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of our reels by listening carefully to
the voices from each marketplace and each fishing field.

It is our first and last goals that every angler smiles with the satisfaction when fishing with our reels.

Thank you.